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Koselig Hus
116 West Burbank Street
Fredericksburg, Texas 78624

Shop The House

Do you love something from Koselig Hus (aka Kos Hus) in Fredericksburg, Texas?

We designed the house and carefully curated literally everything in this house down to the smallest detail. That you love it too, makes our hearts sing.  💗


Vaishali and Siri (us) are travellers too. We've stayed in hundreds of short term rentals over the years and we are pretty darn picky. Together, we took everything we learned from our  own travels and made it better in Koselig Hus.  Many times we traveled home from vacations and found the bedding so comfortable that we ended up buying the pillows or mattresses we slept on, or the sheets or towels we enjoyed. Once we bought glassware home from a house in Italy because it was interesting. We love nice things, and we know they can sometimes be hard to find, so we wanted to share our special finds from this house with you.  This way you don't have to be peeling back the corners of the rugs to see who makes them so you can track them down for yourself.  We'll just make it easy for you!


When you purchase, we appreciate that you use our links, as we can sometimes earn a small commission from each sale, and that helps support our keeping the Short Term Rental in good condition as well as upgrading the house adding more great ammenites to the space.  


We hope that each time you come back to the house you will find it better and better.  Thanks for spending time with us!

The collage directly below will help remind you what things look like in the house and then below the collage are the shopping photos.  

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