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              Wander Away

with Siri Kay

Hello and welcome, welcome, welcome

to  Wander Away with Siri Kay


My name is Siri Kay Jostad, and I am a girl who was born with a curiosity about the world. I am SUPER excited to have you join my journey here.

When I think about my happy place, its cuddled up in my big 'rose' chair, hot Good Earth chai tea mixed with Tulsi Raspberry Peach tea and a dash of apple cider vinegar in a favorite mug, laptop in hand meticulously researching great places to stay.  I love it so much, I do it even when friends tell me they are going someplace because I'm SURE I can dig up something special and awesome.

That is, in part, what inspired me to start Wander Away--an easily accessible place for current and new friends to know where I've gone and what I did, as a way of informing their own trips.  


We all need a source for dreaming and inspiration and I'm hoping that's what Wander Away can be.                            Read More

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