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My name is Siri Kay Jostad, and I am a girl who was born with a curiosity about the world. I am SUPER excited to have you join my journey here.

When I think about my happy place, its cuddled up in my big 'rose' chair, hot Good Earth chai tea mixed with Tulsi Raspberry Peach tea and a dash of apple cider vinegar in a favorite mug, laptop in hand meticulously researching great places to stay.  I love it so much, I do it even when friends tell me they are going someplace because I'm SURE I can dig up something special and awesome.

That is, in part, what inspired me to start Wander Away--an easily accessible place for current and new friends to know where I've gone and what I did, as a way of informing their own trips.  


We all need a source for dreaming and inspiration and I'm hoping that's what Wander Away can be.                            Read More

Amsterdam biking
Lake Como
Lake Plitvice Croatia
Ready for the spa at Two Bunch Palms
coffee shop life
Paris street
high tea

I'm just a girl exploring the world.

oh ya....and i like really nice things.


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