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About Me

Hello and welcome, welcome, welcome to  Wander Away with Siri Kay. My name is Siri Kay Jostad, and I am a girl who was born with a curiosity about the world. I am SUPER excited to have you join my journey here.

When I think about my happy place, its cuddled up in my big 'rose' chair, hot Good Earth chai tea mixed with Tulsi Raspberry Peach tea and a dash of apple cider vinegar in a favorite mug, laptop in hand meticulously researching great places to stay.  I love it so much, I do it even when friends tell me they are going someplace because I'm SURE I can dig up something special and awesome.

That is, in part, what inspired me to start Wander Away--an easily accessible place for current and new friends to know where I've gone and what I did, as a way of informing their own trips.  


We all need a source for dreaming and inspiration and I'm hoping that's what Wander Away can be.


So I'm writing about what interests and inspires me.

Everything I write comes from my personal experiences.  If someone partners with me on an experience I will make sure you know it. My opinions are my own and I will always be candid and honest.

What's With Me and Travel?

When it comes to travel I was born loving it.  Long hours watching the road pass by lying on the top shelf of a camper truck, backpacking the Sierras, 3 months with a backpack through Europe during college and now nothing short of 2 to 4 week excursions to places so that I can live like a local.


I also happen to like REALLY nice things:  Beauty, Fashion, the Unique, Comfort, Good Service and the Aesthetics of things. I have quite the discerning eye.


Truth be told, I tend to spend a lot of time shopping when I travel (should I admit that?) and always before a big trip I actually buy myself a whole new wardrobe.  I'll have to blog about why some time. (smile) (I probably shouldn't admit that either)


All that good stuff has evolved into a passion for helping others get beyond the mundane trip.  I have come to discover that trip dreaming does not come as easily or as joyfully to some as it does for me.  So, I'd love to help!

My father always said there are so many places in the world you could never actually see them all in a lifetime...therefore I must get started exploring now.

My mom always called me "lys på føtten' which in Norwegian (which I am) means Light on your feet.  I always took it to mean i bounced around from place to place easily and joyfully like dancing.

I'm determined to dance around these pages and sprinkle fun around for everyone to pick up.  

So let's have a go, shall we?

Much love,

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