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San Diego • California

Holy Matcha

This wonderful place is more like Holy Watch (a) Out, it is so cute.  Totally an Instagram-worthy interior design…someone knew what they were doing.  The whole place is pink and green:  pink walls, green plants, pink velvet banquette seating, green tropical print wallpaper, white marble counters and cafe tables everything accented with gold here and there.  Holy Matcha’s got it going on.

A walk through the Louvre, an elevator up the Eiffel Tower and a gruelling climb up the stairs to the Arc De Triomphe. Is this the Paris you have planned to…

That deliberateness to make one’s self photo-ready is exactly part of the recipe for success here.  Every single element is literally SO beautiful you can’t help but pull out your iPhone and snap shot after shot.  Holy Matcha is spot on trend..  They know what we like and they give it to us.  Anti-oxidant-rich matcha currently being tres chic, in this case it’s matcha green tea everything.

They are not sitting still and resting on their matcha laurels either.  Yes they introduced a gluten-free, dairy-free matcha soft-serve, but staying trendy means also introducing a Thanksgiving version that is Pumpkin Spice Charcoal Soft Serve!  Seriously?  yes.  You’ve surely seen charcoal showing up all over the place lately.  And you MUST try it.  Holy Matcha hits it out of the ballpark on absolutely everything.

Besides an interesting variety of matcha drinks like lattes and lemonades, you can also get the de rigger avocado toast served on Sadie Rose bread sprinkled with chili flakes.  I personally think it's spectacular tasting--and I eat avocado toast variations pretty much everyplace served.

I do have to admit (embarrassingly) that after the first time I laid my mouth on one of their donuts (yes…they have grabbed on to the tail of unusually-flavored-donut-mania), I actually went out of my way to go back for the next two consecutive days JUST to buy one (ok maybe two) more donuts. 


These vegan…gluten-free…baked and…organic donuts are lovingly crafted by Coronado’s Gluten Free Pantry (  TO DIE FOR…I’m not kidding you.

Holy Matcha regularly carries the moist and cake-y versions of chocolate donuts with matcha frosting, vanilla with matcha frosting and vanilla with strawberry frosting. Down University Avenue at Communal Coffee they also serve Coronado Baking donuts…my favorite there is chocolate with lavender frosting.

The Deets:

Holy Matcha, 3118 University Ave, San Diego, CA 92104  Mon-Fri 9am - 6p, Sat/Sun 9am - 7pm.

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