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Is ELEMIS Worth Adding to Your Skin Care Routine?

My relationship with the Luxury Skincare Brand ELEMIS began on my trip to the UK January 2019 (pre-pandemic...and my last international trip for quite some time!)

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I had never heard of the brand until my dear friend, with whom I stayed, told me her daughter used ELEMIS and was a huge fan. So, I snuck a little test of the moisturizer from a jar I found in the bathroom (shhhhhh).

We spend a few days in Bath, Somerset, England, as was per our usual routine went hunting for some nurturing self care experiences. Ending up at a small boutique spa in town called Radiance Wellbeing (closed permanently July 2020 as result of the lockdown). They specialized in ELEMIS facials...which turned out to be the BEST facial of my life. This is a big statement from a girl (me) who, no kidding, I get a facial every single month!

My face felt so incredibly 'dewy', and smooth and healthy. Every layer the facials put on smelled so incredible. I came home with a bag full of each product she used.

This is me that day in the treatment room and below is an image of me and Nicole immediately after the facialists left the room...blurry...but oh, so happy!

Flying back to the states, phase 2 of my journey was discovering the British Airways First Class lounge at Heathrow has an ELEMIS spa IN it! can get a free mini facial.


(Highly recommended. Book in advance)

Phase 3 of my ELEMIS relationship and that which really sealed the deal is that for Christmas 2020 ELEMIS came out with an Advent Calendar! 25 days of spectacular skin care trees. SO much fun! I DO so hope they will offer a new and different one for 2021. If they do, I will let you know on my Instagram. They make a strictly limited quantity of maybe 500 Worldwide.

My daughter and I both bought one (about $250 each) and every day convened over coffee at the breakfast table thorughly relishing in opening a new drawer with a surprise gift each day. These were no sample-sized items! Every item was a true delight and 6 months later, we are still working our way through the 25 very special products.

The calendar box itself is something I wish I could have repurposed because just look at it. ➡️

I think what I appreciated most is that I have been able to get a solid experience with myriad ELEMIS products--to find the ones I like and ones I don't and in sizes large enough to know whether the use of each makes any difference. These ARE products powered by nature. ELEMIS calls themselves a 'skin wellness' brand and after a good half a year immersed in half their product line...I have to agree.

Click here to see a couple short videos of our opening our daily discoveries in the calendar.

As an aside, we justified the price of the Advent Calendar because on Day 25, they gift you a full-sized item and it happened to be a $128 item that I buy anyway (Pro-Collagen Marine Day Cream)

Thus began my journey with this luxury skin 'wellness' brand, ELEMIS.

Is ELEMIS Worth Adding to Your Skin Care Routine?

Here is what I know to be true about the brand, from my personal experience:

  • Everything smells great

I recently learned the reason why is they tout themselves having an aromatherapist's soul. Ok then. True that.

  • Everything feels good going on

I can't really describe why it all feels so good. It just feels right and nourishing and safe.

They've been around for 30 years, have a lot of scientists on staff, who are passionate about getting results with what they call 'feel-good skin care'. MY skin is most definitely better now than it was before i began using ELEMIS

  • The active ingredients are from nature.

This is super important to me. I'm all about getting the toxic stuff out.

  • It's Luxury while still in the affordable range.

Most products are solidly under $100 and most are under $300. I appreciate this as I've previously been a La Mer customer and that stuff breaks the bank!

Here's What's In My Daily Rhythm Right Now

I have tried this in a couple of their 'flavors' (scents). They also do a 'Naked' version with no scent at all. I personally love the original which smells of the most wonderful lavender, as well they have a lovely rose version.

It's a cream cleanser so it makes magic when easily taking off a day's make-up without roughing up my face in the process. And...I find it only takes a single wash to literally get everything off.

The extra large tub just feels special.

If you're somewhat new to skincare, putting oil ON your face after cleansing it OFF may seem counterintuitive. I promise you it's not (IF you are using the right oil). I have used oils that apply on like a slick and never soak in. It's a total Yuck. That's what makes this one so nice. It soaks in! And man, like everything ELEMIS concocts, it has its amazing signature scent.

So superfoods are good for your insides, they are also pretty darn happy-making for your skin. It's weird to hear this, I know but some of the ingredients in this oil are like broccoli and daikon radish!

I personally love things that do their work overnight like this anti-wrinkle potion. When I wake up, the eye puffies are gone.

ELEMIS uses the most interesting ingredients in their potions. This one includes the likes of Snow Algae and Bush Clover!

Other awesome overnight products are the Peptide4 Overnight Radiance Peel and Peptide4 Plumping Pillow Facial.

These are the great exfoliators!

Until I discovered these through my ELEMIS Advent Calendar, I was using pads from Dr. Denese. They were good, but more tingly/stingy and included more chemical-y ingredients. When the ELEMIS pads went on my face, I relaxed. They smell good too. Have I said that yet about these products? Much gentler and perfectly effective.

It's honestly hard for me to decide which of the ELEMIS lines are my faves bc I basically love them all. This Pro-Collagen cream is at the top and maybe because it was my first purchase after the facial in Bath, England. I try different versions, like the Pro-Collagen Definition Day Cream and the Pro-Collagen Marine Cream minus the SPF and the Pro-Collagen Oxygenating Night Cream. I have my eye on trying this gem: ULTRA SMART Pro-Collagen Enviro-Adapt Day Cream because it is one of their most expensive...

ELEMIS does a million truly awesome masks. I recommend if you want a starting point with them, buy a mask and go for it. This is my favorite. Is it because I'm Norwegian and there's Nordic Peat on the ingredient list? Other wonderful masks of theirs I've tried are Herbal Lavender Repair Mask, Superfood Vital Veggies Mask (goes on green). Superfood Berry Boost Mask, not my fave. Goes on grainy and thin...doesn't feel like a true mask. Probably still works at getting some good results. I just am not a fan of the texture.

I have NO idea how you pronounce 'Cica" and around my household we've had some good laughs as we all try, but this product is luscious! Probably most ideal for after sun exposure because it feels like putting aloe on your face. I just frankly love it underneath every cream moisturizer. It soaks right in! I feel dewy and perfectly hydrated for sure. It's probably not a 'necessary' step in a morning routine but man do you feel luxurious doing it. So I include it. That's how I like to feel!


In all my testing of ELEMIS products, there is only a single item I do not like. I bought it and gave it right away to my daughter, The Apricot Toner. There is nothing wrong with the performance of the product...I just think the scent profile is not for me. For now, I keep to my Rose Hydrating Mist. It reminds me of my mother who loved everything rose-scented.

Absolutely everything else I have ever used from ELEMIS provided me with a way better than average skin care experience. ELEMIS is by far the product line I use more than any other, though I have to admit, I mix in bits and pieces of other skincare that I love as well. It's good to keep my skin guessing. After this, I'm going to write another blog or two about some other products for smooth, supple, healthy skin that you may be interested in. When I do, I will link them here so you can jump to them quickly.

I recommend ELEMIS to everyone and with the price point being reasonable, it's a great place to begin your luxury skin care journey.

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