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Le Sirenuse Spa, Positano, Italy...ahhhhhh. Just what you need after all those stairs!

Inside the spa at Le Sirenuse in Positano Italy.  Looking at the plunge pool

I'll just say it straight up:

Le Sirenuse is the Holy Grail of where to stay when you visit Positano.

Just look at this amazing cold plunge pool.  I mean, it's magazine-worthy gorgeous!

Inside the Le Sirenuse Spa in Positano Italy, this is the 'work out' room with a few weights and cardio machines.  It is open and adjacent to the waiting area for spa treatments

It's small.  So is everything in 'Posi' because it's all built on the hillside.  Small though it may be, it is still elegant and modern inside designed by renowned Italian arichitect, Gae Aulenti. The Spa area embraces you in warm teak wood and white marble.   I totally ignored the work out equipment--seriously...we're in Positano. Walking is what you do here!  Your legs will be crying for a spa treatment after days of constant traipsing up and down hundreds of stairs.  

When I was escorted to the little teeny closet of a dressing room to get in my robe and slippers, check out what was there waiting for me (the center photo below)  Eeeeeep.  😳

😆 My very first pair of paper panties! 😂

I seriously considered bringing them home as a souvenir, but kind of grossed myself out at the idea.  So I left them in the dressing room.  Didn't even wear them under my people do that? I mean wear them.  Anyway, I got a good laugh and picture from them.  I opted out of that that little piece of luxury!

A couples room at the Le Sirenuse Hotel spa in Positano Italy
My treatment room was much smaller than the one here. Didn't bring my camera, this from Le Sirenuse website.

Once my eyes were closed and I was in the capable hands of my masseur Gianni, the size of the room became irrelevant.  I chose the Sirenuse Signature Massage because it's built around using oil from the lemons and oranges that Positano is famous for.  

(For this trip, I actually brought a new pair of Soludos with lemons embroidered on them as my nod to the culture of my destination.)

One of the most delightful surprises was the discovery that my spa treatment was to be performed on a WATER BED! oh man.  The water bed was warm and created the most amazing sensation and experience. I drifted off and my body melted.

Katie Bowles, Siri Kay Jostad of Wander Away with Siri Kay and Vaishali Patel of Sanskar Teaching on the patio of Le Sirenuse hotel in Positano Italy...lookingl like movie stars
We look like movie stars don't we?

After your spa treatment there are two great options, both are recommended.  

Option 1:  Head down to the famous poolside bar on the terrace level.  Even if you aren't staying at the hotel, they won't treat you like a tourist.  Friendly staff set the table up with all kinds of tiny bowls filled with nibbles like olives, some kind of crisped and salted beans, little cookies and so forth...then you order a nice prosecco. We asked our adorable waiter, Luigi, for some affogato, which is ice cream with coffee poured over it.  Luigi said of course they have 'avocado' 🥑  It took awhile then he laughed so hard when he realized the mix up.

Apparently, it was SUCH a funny story that every time we came back to sit in the bar, the rest of the wait staff knew about us and would run squealing 'avocado! avocado!'  Made us feel loved and gave us constant laughter.

Siri Kay Jostad of Wander Away with Siri Kay on the poolside terrace at Le Sirenuse hotel in Positano, Italy

Option 2:  There is a secret exit from the hotel on the very bottom floor that puts you down to the beach!  Take the minuscule elevator down, down, down... then follow the 'beach' signs.  You'll feel like a celebrity escaping the paparazzi.

The Deets:

Le Sirenuse Spa, Via Cristoforo Colombo, 30, 84017 Positano, Italy

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