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Santorini Greece: Shopping in Fira/Thira

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

Fira Town

Fira is the first town you hit when you land on Santorini in a cruise ship and the bustling town is built around a square. It's full of shops of all kinds. This is a tourist town (The kind of place where you’ll find a McDonalds restaurant), but there are some special shops to be found amidst the din. I've shared them here.

(As an aside, I will say, it's always worth asking for a discount. This is especially effective if you name the price you are willing to pay, but sometimes if you just ask: 'Can you do any better on the price?' you will get a few euros off. We saved money constantly using this strategy. Five euros here and there adds up when you are shopping for 2-3 weeks at a time.)

Siri Kay Jostad of Wander Away with Siri Kay sitting in front of a shop in Fira Santorini Greece
Tired from my 2.5 hour hike...but never too tired to shop!

Ammos Greek Spirit

Find them @ariadniifreespirit on Instagram. Can you not just die over the color they've painted this shop!? Super cute clothes that reflect a unique style.

Maistros Accessories

We went back in here a couple times in the same day because the store clerk was so absolutely sweet. We were hunting for hats and bags and they had plenty to choose from. Ended up coming home with a few things including some cute earrings (I find earrings are always such an easy thing to pack in my suitcase home).


Here, we bought comfortable leather sandals and a trendy, round, rattan purse

The Lace

Find them @spicyboutiquesantorinia on Instagram

Cute, cute dresses and shoes. I bought a pair of green fan earrings and Vaishali came home with a fabulous long, yellow dress, both at reasoanble prices.

The O Bag store

@obagsantorinia on Instagram

Mid-October was end of season for them so there was an amazon sale on. Vaishali picked up great long, red dress for 60% off

This is the cute red dress Vaishali got such a deal on at the O Bag store in Fira. She ended up wearing it for our Flytographer shoot in Oia the next day

New Art

shops@fabrica-casablanca-enigma or

This corner shop makes stunning hand-dyed tee shirts for men and women. I bought a bunch for gifts because I love the stone washed, artisanal quality of them.

If you want a look at how we got to Fira/Thera (hint: we hiked for 2.5 hours!) check out the story here.


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