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Shop, Shop, Shop in Split, Split, Split, Croatia

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

Who knew this town has such good fashion to be had?

by Siri Kay Jostad

ID Concept Store was such a surprise. We had so much fun in the shop, we basically made friends with the clerk as you can see from the photo above.

THE cutest clothes! Frame Jeans, AnineBing, Aeyde, Baum, Ganni, MSGM, Nanushka, RE/DONE, ROTATE, VEJA

Check out this cute dress that BOTH my friends bought!

You'll recognize the store by this entrance:

The shop is small, but be sure you venture up the little curved stairs to the mezzanine where the sale rack is.


ID Concept Store, BANA JOSIPA JELAČIĆA 3 21000 Split, Croatia +385 91 958 3813

In the Bennetton store in town I got bold and bought a beret! Why is it we buy thinks on vacation that we would never dare to add to our closets at home? 😂 I made sure to sport this baby all over Split but only wore it once when I got home. It was fun to don a different personality for awhile. In a totally unrelated side story: on my very first trip to Europe, I ended it in Paris and bought the most outrageous outfit from the Bennetton there! Hot pink corduroy high-waisted pants, a royal blue sweater and matching blue suede shoes. OMG. I wish I could find a photo of it to share. I loved that outfit! Felt so stylin'


Bennetton Trg Gaje Bulata 5, 21000, Split, Croatia +385 21 396 835

Zara was our friend when a big rain and wind storm hit town. We came to Croatia packed for warm weather and had not a stitch of cool weather clothes to wear. Heretofore I had never been in a Zara in the US and now it's one of my most joyful San Diego haunts.

Vaishali is going to kill me for posting this, but...this is us wet looking for warm clothes

From Zara, we bought puffy jackets, big warm scarves, sweaters galore and more. We probably went in there 7 times. Prices are epically good.


Zara Adriatic Coast, Marmontova 7, Split, 21000 Croatia +385 21 684 077


We always seem to need pharmaceutical help when we travel. Split was no exception. We discovered the MOST charming pharmacy of all time. And what a cute name, right? It's the oldest pharmacy in Split, opened in 1856. He equipped the space with furniture from an Italian pharmacy. Seeing this furniture and store fittings is worth making an excuse to pop in for something.

Can you even believe the gorgeousness of these shelves?


PharmaGal, Kneza Ljudevita Posavskog 12 b, 21000 Split +385 (0)21 340 710

Nadalina Chocolate

I am an admitted chocoholic. Weeeell, maybe not a -holic. I just LOVE really good chocolate and Nadalina is it. They've been voted 3rd best in the world for their chocolate made from Dominican Republic beans. They are also good on the gimmicks--as a marketer, I rather appreciate it. They created a chocolate gramophone that you can actually listen to music on AND eat.

While I was in Split, Nadalina was selling this big bar made of donkey milk. (I didn't buy one)

We did, however visit Nadalina daily to gather up our little bags of assorted truffles and chocolate bits, each with its own unique flavor. It became our nightly treat.

This is the entrance to the shop:


Nadalina Chocolate, Dioklecijanova ul. 6, 21000, Split, Croatia +385 21 355 384

Bio Bio

While in Split, I had a couple of days when I got sick, so I went on the hunt for a health food store. In Croatia, Bio Bio is it. They are to be found in most cities. We ended up visiting them in Zagreb (read my tips on traveling in Zagreb here) to pick up juice drinks, herbal tea and apple cider vinegar. I came back to our hotel with a bag of goodies intended to make me feel better. I don't remember all of what I got that day, except for Apivital. We all liked it and even brought some home.


Bio Bio Morpurgova poljana 2, 21000, Split +385 800 246 246


Linen clothes are everywhere in Split. Makes sense. The climate is generally hot and linen is the perfect fabric for casual living and keeping cool. In the labyrinth of stores in Diocletian's Palace, I found this one to have the best selection and the best prices. Be sure to negotiate. They offer significant discounts on purchases of more than one item. Even if those items are a shirt and pants.


Valentino Ul. Ive Tijardovića, 21000, Split

Go beyond shopping and see where to stay and what to do in Split here.

And after all that, you're going to need some nourishment, so go here to see the best places to eat in town plus a little bit of insight where NOT to eat.

Happy Travels!


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