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The Best and Worst Places to Eat in Split Croatia

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

It's important to find good, healthy food that tastes amazing when traveling.

By Siri Kay Jostad

This post is all about where to eat in Split. If you are looking for what do in Split, you can find that here. If you want to know about shopping, look here.

Food is important to me.

I spent my early life traveling and eating what felt like crap food because it was all that was available. The world has changed in my favor and Split, Croatia has boarded that beautiful train.

I continue to be surprised when small foreign cities have amazing restaurants. We had a truly great meal our first night in Split.

The restaurant is housed in a charming 15th century building. The interior arrangement is interesting and modern. The three of us enjoyed lunch in a private corner booth with a lovely old window dousing our space with bright light.

We did a bunch of shared plates that included tomato soup, carpaccio, Pasta with truffles and mushrooms, an olive plate and for dessert chocolate soufflé. Oh and the homemade bread they served....mmmm. Overall, as you can see, the food has a mediterranean bent and is made to the highest, most flavorful level. Centrally located just on the edge of the central square of old town. Reservations were not necessary for us but I can see for dinner this place could get packed.


Restoran Apetit, Šubićeva 5, 21000 Split, Croatia, tel +385 (0)21 332 549

Good coffee first thing in the morning is a MUST, so we did our homework when we found this teensy little spot in the middle of Diocletian's Palace (Old Town). This is the best coffee shop in Split. We were a little challenged to find it amongst the maze of paths and stores, so to make it much easier for you to get there before your coffee need becomes too high, here you can find it on Google Maps.

D16 takes coffee seriously. They make a great cup. They also sell chia pudding with raspberries which makes breakfast when paired with a cappuccino.


D16 Coffee, Dominisova 16, Split, +385 (0) 91 790 0705

Toto Burger

I don't recommend it.

This is written up all over Trip Adviser and everywhere else as the best burger ever, exceeding people's expectations. I think my comparison is Burger Lounge in Southern California and The Counter Burger in Los Angeles. Maybe I'm just used to grass-fed beef and the perfection of veggie burgers from the birth of the California hippy culture.

Toto Burger colorful entrance

We found that the Gulten-free buns at Toto Burger were actually quite good. But too bready. Really found the burger patty pretty horrible. We would describe it as 'spongy'. Came with no mayonnaise. The sweet potato fries, for which they are somewhat famous, were good. But overall, all 3 of us gave Toto Burger a thumbs down.

Just because the three of us didn't like it, doesn't mean it isn't good. I think lots of people might, and DO love this place. The place is cute, and tiny and well-located if you're just getting off a tour boat, as it is across the street. Seating is mostly indoors only and on high bar stools and bar tables. There are some sidewalk tables but right on the street.


Toto Burger Bar, Trumbiceva Obala 2,Split,Croatia, +385-21314040

No Stress Bistro

Want to try Sting Ray soup? This is the place! (It's clear and brothy--no chunks). With a large outdoor patio, No Stress is located in the heart of Old Town and is very easy to find. We popped in several times during our stay, both day and night and loved everything we had here, especially the orange chocolate cake. It's a wonderful spot to sit and people watch.

The fresh housemate pasta noodles are worth a try.


No Stress Bistro Narodni trg,Split,Croatia, +385 99 498 1888

Maka Maka Poke

Fresh fish quickly in a coastal town is a safe bet. The fish here is fresh and the myriad sauce choices are delicious. It is poke as we know it (see menu format in the photo below) where you can choose one of their designer creations or you get to build your own yummy creation. This little cafe on the fringes of old town (Google map is here)


Maka Maka Poke Pistura ul. 1, 21000, Split, Croatia +385-99 302 8765

Banana Split Bistro

Clever name, right? Eating at Banana Split was a little bit like dining in a coat closet 😂 Tucked away in a little corner, the so-called closet is quite cosy. Lots of bright light from big windows. There's a patio with more seating, which works as long as it's not raining. Service is friendly and the menu is interesting.

We shared Pad Thai that was some of the spiciest food I've ever eaten.

Vaishali Patel of Sanskar Teaching and Katie Bowles eating pad thai at Banana Split Cafe in split croatia
Mouths on Fire from spicy Pad Thai at Banana Split

You get to choose the spice level...we apparently just went overboard. The kind wait staff brought us milk to dull the pain. The flavors were amazing . Before the Pad Thai we started with the most delicious cucumber soup with yogurt and dill. We also had a cucumber salad with sour cream (?). It worked.

We ended our meal with squares of white chocolate. Plus, what was fairly unusual for our time in Croatia, we were offered 'doggie bags' for our leftovers to take home with us.


Banana Split Bistro Jerina ul. 1, 21000, Split, Croatia +385-99 302 8765

We went here purposely because we'd read it was good. We walked all around it and the block it was on before we found the entrance. Here is your map.

Being a California girl, I ordered avocado toast. First mistake. It came on something akin to Wonder Bread. Repurposed the thin topping of avocado on to one of the rolls that came with breakfast/lunch and it was slightly better. My friends did the same with their goat cheese toast. Unsatisfying. They had omelettes that were quite large...just eggs, essentially. I ordered a smoothie and it was watery.

Overall, the menu had the sense of being yummy and healthy and we didn't find anything that was both. They also didn't have alternate milk.

The atmosphere was expansive and somewhat elegant but not worth a second trip.


Chops Grill Tončićeva 6, 21 000 Split, Croatia +385 913650000

Right on the Riva with views to the sea, Brasserie 7 is one of my very favorites in Split. I sat out on the patio every time and I probably went here 4 times while in Split. But there is a very elegant, colonial feeling decor inside.

Brasserie makes a spectacular cup of coffee (and offers alternate milk!). The menu is extensive with many healthy options. I enjoyed everything I got here. On various occasions I had chia pudding with peach coulis, an açaí blow with nuts and fruit (you could even add chlorophyll which we did one day just to try it and it was good), and a giant 2-tiered extravaganza comprised of an asparagus goat cheese omelette on one tier and another with french toast topped with caramelized banana and maple syrup. My only complaint was the portions were so large, I was frequently over full--in the best way.

Super fun thing is they have a button on every table so you can call the waiter to you at will.


Brasserie on 7, Obala Hrvatskog narodnog preporoda 7, Split, Croatia

This was the fanciest restaurant we ate at in Split and one that most definitely requires a reservation. It's teeny and right in the midst of the maze of streets inside Diocletian's Palace. The entire front of the restaurant opens up to the outside but all the dining takes place under cover of inside.

Zinfandel is a good place to get a nice glass/bottle of wine. The menu is seasonal so it is always changing. We had some kind of soup, some amazing pasta and to die for dessert. Everything is worth a chance. it will be good.


Zinfandel, Marulićeva ul. 2, 21000, Split, Croatia

If you discover some great or healthy places to eat in Split, I'd love to hear about them in the comments.

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