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              Wander Away

with Siri Kay

I'll just say it straight up:  Le Sirenuse is the Holy Grail of where to stay when you visit Positano.

Ok...that's out of the way and that experience is left for another blog post.  Now let's talk about the spa here...

The nice lady at the cash register totally tricked me!  

After graciously introducing herself, she showed me over to the cabinets on each side of the "Dining Room" (as they call their flagship shop).  Opening the wood and glass display doors she...



This is the Relax Home Page


Relaxing generally takes the form (for me) of some kind of spa treatment.


I like spa visits pretty much anywhere I travel, but I have kind of developed this thing:

I pick the treatment off the menu that represents something from the

culture of where I am.  


For example:

 in Hawaii, I've picked a Lomi Lomi massage (totally transformational btw);

in Mexico I totally went for the

Native Elements Ceremony;

in Palm Springs I've picked the facial that uses Prickly Pear oil and so on.  


If nothing 'represents',

then I endeavor to just try something that's new to me (harder and harder to find as life goes on!) such as a watsu, reiki, lymphatic or sound vibration healing.  


I always know I will get exactly what my body needs so I surrender to the experiences and they never fail to leave me feeling peaceful, pampered and happy.  

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