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              Wander Away

with Siri Kay

The nice lady at the cash register totally tricked me!  

After graciously introducing herself, she showed me over to the cabinets on each side of the "Dining Room" (as they call their flagship shop).  Opening the wood and glass display doors she...



This is the Shopping Home Page

I love shopping.  Can't help it.  Even traveling (especially when traveling?) I want to shop.  I want to buy and bring home things that just aren't available where I live. I don't mean miniature statues of the Eiffel Tower or erasers with the Sydney Opera House on them.  I have discovered that fashion is dramatically different from city to city, even more so from country to country, so one of my favorite things is to clothes shop abroad.  Join me here for all the great shops I wander in to.

Another Suitcase Please...

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